Soul Injury® INTENSIVE a New VIRTUAL Educational Experience

Develop the skills and toolkit that will enable you to effectively lead Soul Injury programs.

October 4-7, 2021

The Soul Injury Program Mission

Facilitate the restoration of wholeness by helping people learn how to love, forgive, and trust themselves to navigate in the world again by disarming their heart while cultivating personal intimacy with scattered aspects of self

A soul injury is a wound to our sense of self – our real self beyond the façade. This stifles full potential because it separates a person from who they are meant to be. 

Soul Injury Experience

The only difference between ordinary people and heroes is that heroes don't waste their suffering.

The 4-day INTENSIVE program will introduce you to both the personal and professional perspectives of the Soul Restoration practice.

Why You Should Attend

After taking the 4-day Soul Injury INTENSIVE program you will be able to ...

Learn how to release barriers of Unmourned loss/hurt, Unforgiven guilt/shame, and Fear of helplessness/loss of control.

Become a leader in the Soul Injury movement and a changemaker in your community.

Learn how the abide, reckon, BE-hold process can be incorporated into healthcare and wellness programs

" The exercises and tools used to re-own and re-home the pain and guilt/shame were simple yet powerful. It was unlike anything I have experienced or read about in my extensive study of trauma recovery. "

- Dr. Robert Carroll MD shares his deeply personal experience with Soul Injury training.

His traumatic childhood led him into research of PTSD, trauma, and recovery.

How to release Unmourned loss and hurt that may be unconsciously sabotaging life

Experience ceremonies designed to help you transform distress into peace

Discover how Soul Injuries keep you from being fully YOU

Education Highlights

Anatomy and physiology of the pre- vs. post- trauma brain

Learn how to liberate unforgiven guilt and shame

Discover how FEAR of helplessness and loss of control may, paradoxically, be controlling your life




Late registration fee after May 7: $1,175

Group Discount

3-9 attendees: $900.00 / each

10+ attendees: $800.00 / each

Veterans & First Responders

$800.00 /each

Join Us

Virtual Soul Injury INTENSIVE Training

October 4-7, 2021

Embark on your journey to cultivate honesty, courage and humility to restore personal peace.

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